The Biggest Lie

“Himadri are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

That fine would have broken my heart , crushed my soul, paralyzed my body , still it would be presented with a smile. A smile so fake yet so believable.

But why lie?

Sometimes it helps you avoid the emotional drama. I know people want to help but they don’t want to stay. So why bother? Prince charming is not going to come anyway!

Sometimes you don’t want to be judged. So you just lie. You hide all your problems so that you can listen them rant about their perfect life. Them listening to your problems won’t help you either. You are anyway judged by the cover of your book!

Other times you just think you are strong enough to solve your puzzles. People will anyway ruin it.They haven’t started from the beginning. Even if I’m a broken piece, I’m a warrior! And a survivor too.

So I just put on my biggest smile and speak nothing but “I’m fine”.

A lie so powerful.


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