The definition of CHAOS


So what is a chaos?

Is it the honking of the cars? Men screaming on the streets? Women fighting with each other? Or children crying for that piece of chocolate?

Well dear! They are noises not chaos.

Chaos is something which goes inside your mind when you are thinking about all the irrelevant things at night lying in bed. Its something which makes you want to scream when you’re studying for a test. It’s something which make you wanna cry and laugh at the same time .

So rebelling yet so peaceful. It drives you towards darkness where you are the only source of light, but there is no one to reflect your light upon . You are in dire need to escape the darkness but still that light won’t leave you. It stays . It stays in the form of thoughts , hidden emotions , lies , self harm , helplessness. It stays in the form of CHAOS.

Believe me it will always be there. Every time you are trying to sleep , every time you look at him flirting with that girl, every time you look at your body gaining weight , every time you are failing in life. EVERY TIME.

But dear what you forgot was that it was that light which escaped that darkness . It was something which made you shine . It was chaos.



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